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U-Do Heavy Duty Drain Opener Liquid Red 1Ltr

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500ml + 500ml

U-Do Heavy Duty Drain Opener Liquid Red 1Ltr

This U-DO Drain Opener helps to clean hair clogs and also works to break down the residue from conditioners. It keeps your bathroom germ free and fights away all the residuals without any problem. Safe to Use This drain opener works by cutting through standing water. All the more it is safe to use in all types of pipes and plumbing. As a result, clogged drains will never be a problem anymore.

U-DO drain opener works great on grease and other clogs in kitchen drain The U-DO Drain Openers offers the best type of protection from clogged drains Safe for the pipes as there is no aggressive chlorine chemistry inside Harmless to waste water and fast degradable Ways of use: Apply the powder into the drain sink and gently apply water through the sink Safe for all pipes including PVC plastic copper old pipes and septic systems

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Brand Falcon Fresh
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