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Tindly Ivy Gourd 500g

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ECF-143 (TAW india)500g

Approx 500gm per pack  (INDIA)

Tindly has a unique taste and texture. It is slightly bitter and has a crunchy texture, similar to a cucumber. The vegetable is rich in nutrients, including vitamin C, iron, and dietary fiber. Tindly Ivy Gourd contains a high source of vitamin A and vitamin B. Ivy Gourd is low in calories and high in fiber

  • Tindly, also known as ivy gourd or kundru, is a tropical vine that produces small, elongated green fruits
  • In addition to its culinary uses, tindly is also believed to have some medicinal properties
  • Overall, tindly is a unique and nutritious vegetable that adds a delightful crunch and flavor to a variety of dishes in different cuisines
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