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Mango Yemen

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Approx 2kg to 2.5per box(YEMEN)

Yemeni mangoes are primarily consumed fresh, enjoyed as a juicy and flavorful tropical fruit.
They can also be used in various culinary applications, such as in smoothies, desserts, jams, or chutneys, to enhance their tropical sweetness.

  • Mango Yemen 
  • Yemeni mangoes are typically smaller in size compared to some other mango varieties but are prized for their intense sweetness and rich flavor.
  • Due to their limited availability and high demand, Yemeni mangoes are often considered a specialty fruit and can be more expensive compared to mangoes from other regions.
  • Mango Yemen, with its distinct flavor and unique characteristics, is a prized mango variety grown in Yemen. It is cherished for its sweetness, vibrant colors, and tropical taste, making it a delightful treat for mango enthusiasts.
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