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Mango Kesar Box

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Approx 2kg- 2.5kg per Box(INDIA)

Mango Kesar, also known as Kesar mango or Saffron mango, is a premium variety of mango known for its distinct flavor, aroma, and vibrant orange-yellow flesh. It is highly regarded for its sweetness and rich, creamy texture.

  • Kesar mangoes are often eaten fresh as a dessert fruit, enjoyed on their own or incorporated into various recipes. They can be used to make mango lassi (a popular Indian yogurt-based drink), mango smoothies, mango sorbet, or added to fruit salads. Kesar mangoes are also used in the preparation of traditional Indian sweets, such as mango kulfi (a type of ice cream) or mango burfi (a sweet fudge).
  • To store Kesar mangoes, keep them at room temperature until they reach the desired level of ripeness. Once ripe, they can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days to slow down the ripening process and extend their shelf life.
  • Kesar mangoes are highly sought after for their exceptional taste and quality. They offer a delightful mango experience with their unique flavor, aroma, and smooth texture. Whether enjoyed fresh or used in various culinary creations, Kesar mangoes are a treat for mango lovers.
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